This article has been written by Oli Madgett, Lyndsey Jackson, John Bryant, Andy Clarke and the rest of the #Collabriculture community and was published in "GrapeGrower" magazine.

From the article introduction:

South Australia recently published its agtech strategy with one of the key pillars being technology compatibility, which was highlighted as one of the key frustrations in the stakeholder survey that helped to inform it.

We are increasingly seeing growers, agronomists, researchers and agtech providers exploring opportunities to make better decisions and improve their operations through the application of new technologies. But we are in the early days of this revolution and technology solutions are often being developed in isolation from each other, which is leading to problems when they try and connect. People across the grapegrowing community reported that they face obstacles when seeking to make the most of these technological advancements, principally around data sharing.

It is with this backdrop that the #Collabriculture project was created and supported by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), through the SA Wine Industry Development Scheme. The initial objective has been to bring together a broad group of stakeholders across the wine industry as well as mapping experts, to meaningfully describe the key features of vineyards, such as blocks, rows, vines, posts and midrows, in a way that will allow accurate digital maps of vineyards to be created, stored and shared.

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