Open Vineyard Mapping

Elizabeth Turenko • 28 October 2021

In the final of the current series of workshops around open vineyard mapping,  we’ll be hearing from Andrew Cooke at Rezare Systems who’s leading the project across the NZ agritech ecosystem to standardise geospatial data for agriculture in order to improve data interoperability. Their GitHub page is here: https://github.com/Datalinker-... 

Whitty and Julie Tang from UNSW will also be sharing the work they’ve been doing around smart spraying in apple orchards with Swarm Farm, and discuss the learnings and possible crossovers into viticulture, leveraging the open vineyard data model and accurately mapped vineyards

The other focus for the session will be to present the draft document from the #Collabriculture project so far, and discuss the proposed recommendations for the wine industry to adopt, and a copy of this doc will be sent out to everyone to review ahead of the workshop.