This article has been written by Jessica Keysers, Lachlan Hurst, Brendon McAtee, and Phil Delaney and was published as a part of Frontier SI project.

From the article introduction:

Digital integration of real time information for Australian producers presents a massive value uplift for informed and timely decision making on a property. At a fundamental level, enabling digital information to be integrated for producers requires a consistent spatial property database containing accurate boundaries of Australian agriculture producing properties. Currently, no complete and maintained dataset exists in Australia. The land parcel component defining accurate boundaries of property is well defined and accessible (land cadastre), yet it is not optimised to provide a holistic linked view into all land parcels that constitute a producing property, nor tagged to allow filtering to agricultural properties. In fact, the definition of a ‘producing property’ (or agriculture property) for all types of agri-foods (i.e. grain, horticulture, livestock, hobby farms etc.) is not well defined. For example, hobby farms may not be captured at all if they do not meet the considerations for a primary producing property, yet still produce agriculture outputs of noteworthy scale.

This project seeks to propose a definition of agricultural property and an associated draft data model so that all agriculture properties across Australia can be identified and linked to their fundamental information, such as property ownership, or business classification. Only by having a consistent definition and a data model could a future authoritative agriculture property dataset be generated and used across all stakeholders who are required to report on agriculture land use in Australia.

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